If you need guidance and support to help yourself, your family or your organisation to achieve and maintain PERFECT HEALTH, then please get in touch 

 Over 40 Years in Business  Elaine Godley, MBA, O.A. Dip (Psych)  I set up my first kitchen design, installation, manufacturing and retail business in the late 1970s and built it with my second husband to around £2M turnover.  In 1986 the business failed and I spent the next 12 years in London undertaking various finance roles within accountancy and law firms. I became CEO of a provincial law firm and COO for Ernst and Young running a UK-wide consultancy division with 200+ team members. I graduated in the first ever cohort with an MBA in Legal Practice from Nottingham Law School in 1997 at the age of 40 without even an A level, never mind a first degree.  In 1998 I left the corporate world and found that I was good at trouble shooting in business via interim and consultancy assignments. I’ve created and run several business and health support networks, latterly mentoring 40+ business-women every month. For the past 20 years I have been a business mentor, trouble-shooter and team dynamic expert, although these days I guide entrepreneurs and senior executives to enhance their life balance and improve wellbeing.  I’ve become a ‘go to’ expert in the DISC model of Behavioural Profiling, especially regarding recruitment and how improved team dynamics can raise the bottom line. I train people in DISC Profiling through an online programme. My expertise in profiling links nicely with my own personal health journey….I can predict potential health challenges for all personality types and guide individuals to avoid the pitfalls of trying to be ‘super woman’….or ‘super man’!  After being on various drugs for 23 years for a condition that took 20 years to diagnose, and told by medics that I would be on antibiotics for life, I cured a serious kidney condition with natural therapies. A four-time cancer survivor, I was given just 1 year to live in July 2015 following a diagnosis of Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma….and beat it swiftly in a record time of 14 weeks using a variety of natural therapies and a teeny bit of chemotherapy.   These days, I am an experienced Mentor, Master Coach and Nutritional Advisor and I guide individuals on how to take control of their own health and wellbeing using an integrative approach. The secret is to know your body, so you know when it's going wrong. You can then take action to avoid becoming seriously ill. If you are already ill, I and my team of experts can potentially guide you to reverse your condition. .  My first cancer was in 2009. I went from earning loads and being comfortable financially to relying on benefit at times because of my health challenges. I also had to cash in my pension to keep going to fund myself – ouch!  My passion is helping busy individuals to gain life balance so they can achieve and maintain their own version of Perfect Health....at home....at their own pace, at an affordable price that everyone can access  from FREE to VIP!  I've developed the PERFECT HEALTH WELLNESS HUB, and a VIP mentoring programme especially for busy people  

  Read some of my client health testimonials   Read some of my client business testimonials     My vast experience and thousands of voluntary mentoring hours, supporting individuals who need to get their life in balance led me to develop The Perfect 10 Wellness Programme.    Where do you stand on each of the 10 areas? Is your life in balance?    Download, print off the chart and assess yourself.   Do let me know how you scored and if you need any help to get on track.    

Interview with Elaine Godley - My Life, My Purpose 

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