Only 5-10% of cancers are hereditary. Medical research report 

Brief intro to Dee's story on beating cancer - full interview below 

Interview with cancer expert Prof. Dr. Dana Flavin 

Full interview with Dee Mani Mitchell. Triple negative breast cancer survivor 

My cancer blog - no longer up to date but provides inspiration and links to resources 

Top quality nutrition is vital for anyone with cancer 

It's not what happens, its what you do after that matters! 

How to manage your state to become more positive 

Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire talking about natural and integrated remedies to beat cancer 

Cancer and weight 

20 things to consider in your anti-cancer programme  

Kit should have died 20 years ago - listen to her story 

Story and information shared by stage IV melanoma survivor 

How to lift your mood in 3 minutes 

Play this delightful music when you need to calm down and relax 

Travel insurance for people with cancer 

Excellent resources from 

Remarkable true life story of diagnosis and recovery 

Dee's story of recovery from triple negative breast cancer 

Famous meditation with Dr Wayne Dyer - try this daily to ground yourself 

Interview with Dr Judith Gurney - cancer survivor and runs 

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