How to lift your mood in 3 minutes 

Interview with Survival Coach Dave Heffernan 

It's not what you think it's HOW you think 

How to change the way you think with Dr Joe Dispenza 

Change your mindset, change your life 

The 5 second rule with Mel Robbins 5,4,3,2,1 

How Kris used her MIND to beat Fibromyalgia 

How to learn effectively and increase confidence with Debs Bamford 

Over 1 BILLION views - well worth a listen! 

De Bono 6 Thinking Hats for decision making 

Interview with Elaine Godley - using your mind to create your own Perfect Health 

Variety of motivational messages from top gurus (profanity alert - some presenters get a tad passionate!) 

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