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For years I've been trying out and testing a variety of different health and wellbing products and services.  
To receive my approval and recommendation is a tough ask.  
Take a look at the menu options above to see my latest recommendations.  
To learn about the healing device that completely changes  
To learn about the healing device that completely changes your molecular structure, click on the POWERTUBE page 

  STEP 1  

A disharmonious condition of the molecular cell structure can lead to severe pain & illness because viruses & bacteria enter the spaces between weakening immune system. 

  STEP 2  

The Powertube emits an AC current through the skin right down into the molecular cell structure. The 3 frequencies and tones vibrates this disrupted molecular structure back into harmonic alignment regenerating the cell, restoring energy and boosting immune system. 

  STEP 3  

The molecular cell structure is now in a homogeneous harmonious condition with viruses and bacteria unable to enter and disrupt thier fuction. 


The Powertube is proven to reverse diabetes and lower blood pressure but does much much more. Please contact me for more information about this marvellous natural healing device. It's much easier to use than many other devices on the market, and far less expensive too! or +447934 898722 
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