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When I had cancer, I followed a variety of different strategies to heal myself. I am privileged to call many health practitioners amongst my friends. A particularly special man has been in my life for many years. Dr Chris is at the forefront of anti-aging and cancer care and works with a renowned university who are pioneers in natural health. Together they've created a natural protocol to help individuals deal with the COVID-19 virus. The following combination of natural supplements is their suggestion to protect yourself. 
Please read the summary below which is offered for guidance only and not intended to replace any direction from your registered medical practitioner. 

Standard Guidance Direct From China 

Research from autopsies have discovered that this virus mainly affects the respiratory system and creates thick mucous. The Chinese have announced the following suggestions to minimise risk of catching COVID-19. Here is a summary. I have included some guidance from my own experience and training:- 
Boost your immune system by eating a well balanced highly nutritious diet (contact me for a free nutritional review by phone or a zoom call
Wash hands scrupulously and often - use soap that foams, not simply water 
Don't smoke 
Avoid contact with handrails, doorknobs etc 
Change and wash clothes daily, hanging in direct sunlight when possible as heat kills the virus 
If you go out, take all clothes and shoes off at your door and put into a dustbin sack ready to place directly into the washing machine - don't touch them 
Take hot drinks at least every 20 minutes - even if it's only a sip to wash any hint of virus into your stomach where the acid will (allegedly) kill the infection 
Gargle with salt, lemon, vinegar every day 
Bath and shower daily - the virus lives in hair as well as on the skin 
Wash metallic surfaces (virus can live on for 9 days) 
Wipe down all surfaces at home daily 
Boosting Zinc and vitamin C levels are key elements for protection (take a morning shot of live organic wheatgrass- proven to boost ALL vitamins ex D)  
Get out in the sunshine to boost vitamin D levels or use a far infrared lamp  
Take colloidal silver daily which can boost immunity, treat viruses and infections 
Avoid dairy which creates mucous - plenty of alternatives available (usually) 
Consider a home/office air purifier 
Consider using The Powertube to rid your body of toxins and boost immunity 
Wear gloves when you go shopping and get fuel - germs are everywhere! 
Dr Chris has worked tirelessly over the past few weeks with an overseas University to create a fast working super solution to help minimise your risk of infection, or help recovery if you are poorly. His products are unavailable in mainstream shops or via the internet and are of the highest efficacy. 
1. BETA GLUCAN 1.3, 1.6 capsules (60) Immune enhancer. Suggest 2 + 2 caps daily. 
2. LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN B COMPLEX in liquid or tablet form. 
4. LAMININE YTE in AMINO BOOSTERS capsules. 2 + 2 per day. 
5. BENJALOKA. Capsules. (30) Anti-viral and anti-bacterial prepared from 5 root crops in Asia. Take 4 capsules at the very first onset 
of a cough, cold, influenza, swollen glands, sore throat, fever. Then 4 capsules 3-4 hours later, 4 next morning. 
6. HIGH GRADE KARIYAT. (60) Capsules.Used in Asia for decades against influenza and allied infections. 3-6 capsules daily. KARIYAT is an anti pyretic, and can thus lower body temperature, it MUST be taken with ginger. KARIYAT should be taken throughout the illness or infection for a maximum of 7 days with ginger, then 2 days rest, then repeat if necessary. 
Although the whole package above is best, just employing one or more of the above, can be beneficial. 
It should be noted that items 1 -4, should be taken routinely, but items 5 -6, are designed for emergency use only, once 
the very first signs of a possible infection are encountered.  
A vaccine is the ideal solution, but that may well be 12-15 months before the first can be released for safe human use. Meanwhile every possible precaution should be taken according to Government instructions, but this package is designed to help to mitigate any onset of COVID-19, and reduce any severity,especially in the older generation.  
Many will not know whether they have contracted flu or similar, or COVID-19 itself, somay or may not have acquired immunity to the novel virus itself, in either of its two present strains, the original S strain in Wuhan, and now the further developed L strain, which might be more lethal , and account in part for the 10 x higher infected case to death rate seen in Italy and Iran, (8%) so far, compared to the present ratio in the UK! (0.79%). 
1. BETA GLUCAN. 60 caps. 2 bottles @ £28 each. Special discount £50.00 
2. LIPOSOMAL VIT. B Co. 2 bottles @ £30 ea. 60.00 
3. LIPOSOMAL VIT. C 1-2 bottles @ £30 each 30.00 
4. LAMININE YTE in AMINO BOOSTER capsules 60.00 
5. BENJALOKA. 30 caps. 2 bottles @ £29 ea. Special discount. 50.00 
6. HIGH GRADE KARIYAT capsules 2 bottles@ £29 ea. Special discount. 50.00 
TOTAL PACKAGE ABOVE £300.00 payable via paypal 
POST and packing. UK. £2 - 10 maximum.. Overseas. £10 - £20 maximum 

Additional Information regarding storage and use 

Both BENJALOKA and KARIYAT are NOT normal supplements. They should be kept in the kitchen cupboard or medicine chest for 
emergency use, at the very, very first sign of anything untoward in the body, such as a tickly throat, sore throat, cough, cold, suspected 
flu, fever, eustachian tube block etc. Then hit hard with 4 capsules, followed by a further 4 after 3-4 hours or so, then another 4 caps 
the next morning. 
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