The Process   

When your kit arrives, follow Mark's instruction video on the left and post to the lab 
Complete your online questionnaire 
Schedule an online consultation with me (Elaine) to discuss the results 
Follow my recommendations to improve your health 
AMAZING TESTIMONIAL following a dried blood analysis and feedback consultation with me.............................. 
It's been a week now since I received the cytoplan stuff and 2 weeks that I have been taking your recommendations. I have noticed so many benefits. 
I have had trouble absorbing my water for some time, and this came up in my blood analysis in that my lymphatics were congested. This is better now. 
My head is clearer after taking the diam earth and the zeolites and I am also taking the hulda clark cleanse in tablet form for quicker results. 
All in all feeling so much better that I have been powering through my work and accomplished more in this last week than I have done for months, 
I no longer have the 3pm to 6pm slump in energy that meant I had to take a nap. 
I feel my adrenals are working at 70% now and in a few weeks that will hit the 90 to 100 % mark. 
Feeling great! thank you 
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