Live organic wheatgrass is the best version for you. Home grown on the windowsill is full of sugar and to be avoided especially if you have cancer. Powdered wheatgrass may be convenient but has less beneficial enzymes than fresh live organic wheatgrass juice. 
To obtain this at home it's so easy. Simply join the Juice Club, add my name (Elaine Godley) in the instruction box at the checkout to receive two weeks extra for free, and wait for your home delivery of individual frozen shots. 

Why do I recommend this company? 

Because the company is family run, easy to deal with, has values that match my own, the product is top quality and organic (very important to me). In addition, when you recommend three customers yours is free after your first order. How cool is that?! 

Take a look at the Evidence 

1 shot of live wheatgrass = same chlorophyll as 3 heads of brocolli 
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