No time? No worries! Your Perfect 10 Wellness Check when it suits you in the convenience of your own home 

Imagine if you could see inside your blood  
Imagine knowing what mineral deficiency or excess you have  
Imagine using your natural behaviours to heal your body 
Imagine free lifetime access to a wealth of inspirational health resources 
Imagine having VIP access to your very own health guru 

Finger prick blood test 

Behaviour profile 

Hair analysis 

In-depth self assessment questionnaire 


You won't find this unique health programme anywhere else in the world! 
Dry blood analysis 
Hair analysis 
Behavioural profile assessment 
In-depth health questionnaire 
Free lifetime membership of The Perfect Health HUB 
1 to 1 consultation with me  
The finger prick blood test shows what's going on within your entire body; the hair analysis assesses your mineral and toxicity levels; the profile shows how to maximise your behaviours to achieve and maintain good health; the questionnaire provides various measurements and information only you will know; the HUB provides access to videos, podcasts, workbooks and other self-help resources.  
The online consultation with me brings it all together and guides you 


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