Available in solid silver or solid gold the Powertube is an extraordinary device which has the unusual capability of changing the underlying molecular structure. Proven studies show this Class II Medically Approved device reverses diabetes and lowers blood pressure. 
The Powertube is ideal for those suffering pain and anxiety regardless of the medical condition. It is classified as a TENS machine because this is the nearest description, although it operates on a different frequency which makes it more effective. 
No health claims are made, however, anecdotal evidence from over 300,000 users worldwide (myself included), is remarkable. 
Please message me for more information including an interview with the inventor  
“I didn't need any morphine for 8 hours after using the Powertube for the first time.” 
Jane - Liver Cancer 
“After only 3 days of using the old format Powertube, I stopped taking 2 lots of high dose painkillers” 
Dianne - Breast Cancer 
"I have never found a health product that is so easy to use and which can be used by our whole family” 
“My horse was healed in record time following a severe injury” 
"I have taken myself off the waiting list for knee surgery" 
"My shoulder pain has completely gone" 
Wilfie had been in a coma for 3 weeks. The medics told his wife that he would not survive, or if he did, there would be no quality of life. Sarah took control and blasted Wilfie with their silver powertube. 
Wilfie woke up - cheers Wilfie! 
The inventor, Martin Frishknecht, flew over from Switzerland for a health conference I hosted in 2018. Please contact me for the slide presentation and audio interview 
How to use the Powertube 
Amazing relief from pain and increased movement 

The Powertube was invented in Switzerland and is manufactured and distributed from Germany. Elaine Godley is the UK Distributor 


  STEP 1  

A disharmonious condition of the molecular cell structure can lead to severe pain & illness because viruses & bacteria enter the spaces between weakening immune system. 

  STEP 2  

The Powertube emits an AC current through the skin right down into the molecular cell structure. The 3 frequencies and tones vibrates this disrupted molecular structure back into harmonic alignment regenerating the cell, restoring energy and boosting immune system. 

  STEP 3  

The molecular cell structure is now in a homogeneous harmonious condition with viruses and bacteria unable to enter and disrupt thier fuction. 
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